Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Pakistani Models: Abeer Adeel

The winner of Veet Miss Super Model 2012 reality show contest, Pakistani model Abeer Adeel is one of those new talents that came on to the Pakistani fashion scene with a lot of hard work. The thing about Adeel is her super modelish attitude, body features and her facial expressions that sets her apart from the other new comers and made her rise higher than many other debutantes. Of course her contract with Veet helped her a lot too, but nothing can be taken from her. Her facial features are the only thing that might shorten her career somewhat, as it is sort of a requirement in the Pakistani fashion industry to go farther. As we can witness in the past that many of the Pakistani actresses and models did go through slight or deep cosmetic facial enhancements in order to give their career some boost. But Abeer does cover this so called lacking better than anyone in the industry through her awesome attitude and expressions in her shoots.

This post features a few of her hot clicks from various shoots and walks and her campaign video for Zari Faisal.

Abeer Adeel Abeer Adeel Abeer Adeel

Abeer Adeel Abeer Adeel Abeer Adeel

Abeer Adeel

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