Monday, September 7, 2015

Pakistani Model Saimaa Azhar

 Pakistani model Saimaa Azhar is an upcoming and relatively new of the Pakistani fashion models. Well the word new is not really justified as she has been there for a while now, but she has not yet received the status of a top or super model yet. Despite that she is working hard and has started regularly appearing in several fashion shoots and ramps and has also been featured in a music video, where she wears and displays some ravishing dresses, sexy looks and hot shots.
She has that sex appeal which not all possess, although missing some charisma when compared to the top and super models of this era, but she is beautiful and can give killer looks when she is dressed and shot properly.

Following is one of her shoots where she looks amazingly hot and sexy along with the music video she has been featured in.

The shoot is from the FHM magazine with theme name "Rosalind- Shakespeare heroin in the Forest of Arden" with the dresses designed by Sadaf Malaterre and photographed by Umair Bin Nisar.


The song she is featured in is "Dilbara" by Irfan Amir. She looks stunning, hot and sexy in most of the video.

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