Saturday, May 2, 2015

Pakistani Models - Neha Ahmed is Abs-Salute Hotness

Pakistani models Neha Ahmed is one of those Pakistani models that are not very famous for the fairer complexion and facial beauty, which is still a more likable feature in the sub-continent. On the contrary, it is her over all hot and amazingly sexy body figure that makes her face look sexy.
From the day she has entered the Pakistani fashion industry as a more permanent member, she has been prominent for her hot physique, specially the abs; o those abs!
It is good and exciting to see that she has still maintained this feature and appears as hot as always.

During her span in the industry, Neha Ahmed has done a lot of bold, hot and sexy shoots. There was a time when every other shoot of hers was the hottest one around. Although her appearances in such shoots have reduced a bit over the span, but we still get some mind blowing, heart stomping stuff from her every now and then.

This particular post features a few of her hottest and sexiest clicks from various eras, focusing a bit more on her abs, proving that she is still the sultry queen of the block, and the newbies could still get some tips from her! This also includes a very recent shoot of hers in saari, which would only leave you speechless!

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