Monday, October 21, 2013

Pakistani Model: Fouzia Aman

Pakistani model Fouzia Aman, formerly known as Fauzia Amir, is one of the hottest sensations in the Pakistani fashion world. Starting her modelling career with a Girl Next Door image, Fouzia has been conquering hearts with that beautiful smile of hers. She has been in the Pakistani fashion scene for quite sometime now and has gradually transitioned into a model with more sex appeal. One thing that hasn't changed is her lovely flattering smile. Her ability to carry both eastern and western dresses along with the respective transformation of her body language is what sets her apart and has gifted her with loads of success over the years.
Following is a montage or slideshow of few videos clips and quite a few pictures, featuring none other than the lovely Fouzia Aman. The background music/song is one of the oldies Shola by Pakistani music band Awaz.


Following is a collection of the hottest of Fouzia Aman's stills, including those that have been used in the above video: