Sunday, August 25, 2013

Neha Ahmed: Dusky beauty, darker past

Neha Ahmed, the sultry goddess is a dream girl for many. That hot bod is to die for, and I am sure most of you would agree with that. Her dark/dusky complexion and her mesmerizing eyes adds to the mystery of her beauty. But that's not all the mystery she possesses. She also has a mysterious past, which I don't believe one can be proud of. A small collection of a photo shoot pictures of her, not sure whether it's private or professional shoot, exists on the sea of world wide web, shows her past self, which is not so appealing, at least not for me. I know some people might like it due to the nature of it, but Neha Ahmed does not look like the hot and steamy Neha Ahmed we all know and love today. She is with two other Pakistani models I presume, and from the looks of it, they seem like the not so popular and pretty infamous Pakistani models, Mohini and Sheen(known for her very bold and almost bikini type shoots) Honestly speaking, I wish I had never seen these.