Friday, May 25, 2012

Pakistani Model: Neha Ahmed (Ad Films)

Now I am sure that everyone is aware of the dusky beauty, the most sexy and one of the hottest of the Pakistani models Neha Ahmed. And if you still have no idea who I am talking about, you should check out these posts first:

So now that you must have got a wild sight of this delicious chocolate delight, you can see more of her in the following videos.

[Update 27 May 2012: Adding another video of Neha that I missed in the original version of the post.] 
This is the hottest I have seen yet. This video is titled "Life is a Canvas" and is directed by Haseeb Siddiqui for Rizwanullah. The original source of the video is at Hasseb Siddiqui's YouTube channel Hasibsiddiqui.

Neha Ahmed has been the Brand Ambassador for the Sana Safinaz for quite some time now and has been involved in most of their branding, advertisements and campaigns.
Guddu and Shani, another dynamic duo who needs no introduction, have also worked on the ad campaigns for Sana Safinaz brand, out of which two are the ones they created for lawns for the years of 2011 and 2012.
The third video is the one of the recently posted video on their youtube channel, 360degreesguddushani, which features Neha Ahmed for a screen test. So lets watch and drool upon the hotness that is Neha Ahmed.

NOTE: I do not own any of the following videos. These have been embedded directly from the 360degreesguddushani YouTube channel.