Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pakistani Models in Hot Jewellery Fashion Show

Remember the extremely hot video of the song Afreen Afreen by Late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan featuring Lisa Ray like she was never featured before! She wore some very sexy and revealing (almost bikini type) sarees.

Now watch the some of the very lovely amature and the hardcore professional Pakistani Fashion Models wear similar clothing for a Jewellery Fashion Show.

The show features professional Pakistani Models such as Neha Ahmed and Mehreen Syed along with some new and upcoming pretty faces with hot bods. Mehreen Syed though looks exceptionally hot here in this video and also reveals a shiny bit of cleaveage at a few occasions!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Pakistani Model Amina Shafaat

Success is never be-all and end-all for anyone. After success it is bread buttered on both sides.

One fathoms that in modeling, one has to do as the roman's do. But Amina doesn't falls in such category; she has created her own Rome, where others have to adjust themselves.

A field where mafia seems to be in control as many gurus say, it takes much confidence and courage to survive in such field.

One may cogitate that in fashion field days of survival are numbered, until and only you give cardiac surgeons a tough time, but such is not the case with Amina Shafaat. The famous adage goes, she is beauty with brains.

She has proved that the perception of dumb girls joining the modeling field, is dumb in its self.
Either you choose any specific bandwagon, surviving Pakistani showbiz in solitude is impossible. The mafia in fashion field is not a cock and bull story, rather they are living in clover.
Amna has endured the fashion field with scrupulousness and veracity.

Her entry in fashion field might have been prudish for her fellow models. It was a fluke neither but moderately it was a good omen.

She has never fatigued for wining smile and wining face rather they came as a package from nature, which made her grasp the right field for herself.

There are many itches and pricks in this field, but when you have the right calamine lotion there is no stopping you.

One has to be prophetic and apocalyptic with sibylline style to live the norms of this field, but this diva seems to possess them for long now.

Amna remains the perfect and only choice when it comes to choose the exemplary face for blossom of fashion magazines.

Be it to improve the quality of their craft through TV commercials.

She remains the perfect mannequin for the silhouette of designers. But still one has to say that she is jack of all trades and master of modeling.

She is not in quarrel with camera rather camera has to adjust itself to achieve the par excellence of our prima donna.

Gone are the days when Claudia Schiffer or Cindy Crawford used to be the drawing room talks in the poshes of Pakistan.
But now she seems to have ousted all of them. It's just an exordium a lot has yet to be contemplated about her.

Amna Shafat was born on June 8, 1978 in Lahore, Pakistan. She attended Lahore Grammar School and is a graduate of Kinnaird College, Lahore.

Bashful, coquettish and demure were the words that prompts in mind when we see Amna's dexterity.

It was Khawar Riaz who offered her for modelling, when he first saw her at a party, but she refused the offer.

Later as time passed she introspected that modelling is the answer to her, so why not give it a try.

After that there was no stopping for her craft. Many came and went but she still smiles cheerfully in ABN Amros's commercial.

To be properly introduced in this field you have to have a successful craft to force masses to pluck interest in your ambitions.

Amna was lucky enough to have grabbed such right opportunity at the right time.

Though she accepts that when she was first offered to model in Dilruba, she refused, but later when they told her that it was made while keeping her in mind she accepted the offer.

Dilruba which gave Fakhir much exposure and reintroduced him after the break up of Awaz, happened to be lucky star for Amna too. Later she was also seen in song sponsored by Tulsi, but that didn't add much luck to her profile.

One reckons that Dilruba was and will be the label of her recognition, and ecstatic reminiscence for a long time. She believes that taking crafts without deep scrutiny can lacerate the threads of her career.

But it cannot be believed that any unsuccessful craft can be a hurdle to such diva. She seems to be addicted or is in deep love with TV commercials, because when it is the start of a new month you see her in a new commercial.

Pantene, Everyday, Lipton, Pel, ABN Amro and many other companies have been fortunate enough to have her presence introduced their venture. And no one knows she might be the reason behind the heavy upraise of their bank balance.

She is not seen on catwalks because she doesn't wants to walk on a line that others have to offer, the self made diva wants plenty of options to choose from. Her absence from teleplays and dramas are due to same reason.

She hates memorizing and delivering lines. She believes that making TV commercials is not an easy job to do.

Being a part of many hard working teams whose combined efforts made TV commercials successful and lively, she has then realized so.

Who knows? one day she might be directing a TV commercial herself too. So now there is no Ad that has not passed through her retina, she now watches them with creativity and pleasure.

She is also a net freak. Before entering the field of modelling she never discussed her dresses or choice of dresses candidly or otherwise with her friends, but as she excelled, begums and teenage girls reminded tailors of the dresses Amna was dressed in before having them instructed perfect cuts and stitches.

That's enigma, that's style but one can say that's the way Amna doodles. She is sweet and beautiful to the core of her heart. She hates jealousy and hypocrisy, that's what makes her forthright and friendly person with charisma.

Apart from Khawer Riaz, she has worked with other successful and famous photographers like Rehan Qureshi and Rizwan Beig.

Shafaat is best known as the model who refused to wear sleeveless dresses. People in the fashion industry predicted her career will be short-lived and she would get very little work in the industry, yet she
continued to prove them wrong.

She was at her prime when she left modeling in early 2006.

There is no high road to success but Amna has proved that fame, fortune and glory are not the product of a million dollar cheque rather they require a million dollar heart.