Saturday, September 13, 2008

Aminah Haq

aminah haq bed nakedAmna, Amnah or Aminah Haq (or whatever the correct spelling is) is without any doubt one of the top and pioneer models of pakistan and a very popular actress.
Refusing to be Daddy's Little Girl (She is Mustufa Khur's daughter a well know Pakistani Politician) she made her own name and success! She proved to be most popular with her counterparts, captivating audiences with her intense beauty and sharp acting ability.
aminah haq backless legs aminah haq backless legs Pakistani photographers Arshad Tareen, Athar Shahzad and Tapu Javeri have deemed her the most photogenic model and a pleasure to work with. Although only 5'4" she has catwalked for tons of designers including HSY, Hajra Hayat, Deepak Perwani, Mehdi and so many more.
aminah haq backless legs Besides being an extremely successful Pakistani model and award winning actress, she has been selected as a Brand Ambassador for Levi's Jeans. She is the Ambassador for Depilex's 'Smile Again Foundation,' a charity that helps female acid burn victims. Aminah has done a few international commercials, notably in Canada and was interviewed by 'French Vogue' and also did a centerfold for French Vogue.
aminah haq huge cleavage aminah haq huge cleavage Aminah Haq is the only model who has been the a Lux Girl for the past 7-8 years, and also a winner of a Lux Style award for the best actress. Now a bit out of the modelling scene (not completely) she emphasis more own her career as designer with her boyfriend Ammar Belal (lucky guy) and is the co-owner of the brand ABCD.
aminah haq erotic Although she is not into modelling that much these days her charms and charsima still puts her under the spotlight every now and then! Whether there is a party, fashion or style awards, or any celebrety social gathering, Aminah Haq is sure to be found there, lightening and brightening the evenings!
I have dedicated this whole blog issue to her and her wonderful beauty! This blog will keep getting updated at some intervals with pictures and videos featuring....who else other than Aminah Haq herself.
aminah haq bed naked

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