Monday, July 28, 2014

Fouzia Aman - Naughty Girl

Fouzia Aman
Pakistani model Fouzia Aman is one of those few Pakistani models who have transitioned well from the image of the girl next door to a hot and sexy naughty girl.

This post features her latest and one of the hottest shoots of her so far, along with a couple of other random hot pictures. The shoot is from the latest issue of the Pakistani fashion magazine Niche. Fouzia bares her steamy legs and cleavage in most of these shots in a very exotic and sexy fashion.

Enjoy the pictures and the compilation!


Fouzia AmanFouzia AmanFouzia Aman
 Fouzia AmanFouzia AmanFouzia Aman
Fouzia Aman Fouzia AmanFouzia Aman

Fouzia AmanFouzia AmanFouzia Aman

Fouzia AmanFouzia AmanFouzia Aman

Fouzia AmanFouzia Aman

Fouzia AmanFouzia Aman
Fouzia AmanFouzia AmanFouzia AmanFouzia AmanFouzia AmanFouzia AmanFouzia AmanFouzia Aman

Friday, May 16, 2014

Pakistani Model Huma Khan

Huma Khan is of the relatively new faces in the Pakistani fashion and modeling scene. She has somewhat established her identity and rising up quite quickly. The following video features Huma Khan modeling for Kuamka label by Sania Maskatiya. The video is directed, edited and posted by Nadir Firoz Khan while the styling is done by Maha Burney. The hair and makeup done by Raana Khan.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Neha Ahmed - Samsara By Shehla Chatoor

The dusky beauty with the hot bod is back! Pakistani Model Neha Ahmed appears in the latest video featuring the Samsara collection by Shehla Chatoor. This awesome video is directed, edited and post by Nadir Firoz Khan. Styling and art direction is done by Maha Burney, while the makeup and hair by Npro. The unique music of the video is by Talal Qureshi while the DOP is Kamran Khan.
Neha is looking damn sexy as always. You will also notice a good amount of focus on her beautiful figure and features.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Santa Mathira bares some gifts

Mathira toplessWhether you like her or hate her, she is famous. Yes I am talking about the Pakistani model, host, and apparently an actress and  a singer as well, Mathira. There is no doubt that she is famous or infamous for her controversies, whether it may be in live calls, live catwalks, ads or photo shoots.
The following are a couple of pics from here shoot for the Christmas season where she is topless; I mean really topless. Apart from these there are more of her sizzling and exposing pics!

So check them out!