Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pakistani Model Huma Khan (Audition Video)

Pakistani model Huma Khan is the most happening fashion model these days. She is now been seeing on almost all magazines, lawn and other collection campaigns. One of the hottest campaigns featuring her has been her Stonage Jeans collection most recently. She is beautiful, smart and sexy with a cute face and lovely figure.
One of her lovely videos is an audition video done by Guddu And Shani films. This particular post features this video. It has been altered a bit and the background music has been changed to music of the song "I hate that I love you" by Rihanna.

Here you go:

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pakistani Models DIVA Cover

One of the recent issues of the famous Pakistani fashion magazine DIVA featured a cover shoot involving four the most happening and hot Pakistani models. They are:

  • Fouzia Aman
  • Amna Ilyas
  • Nooray
  • Sadaf Kanwal
The intriguing thing about this particular shoot is the blend of the presentation of a pretty western style of dressing wrapped in a pretty eastern way. It is hard to explain and you'll need to see it for yourselves. So here you go:

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pakistani Models Hot Platter A

The Pakistani fashion has grown so much that a lot is always happening all the time. This blog has come a long way has grown with the industry as well. The posts have been mostly been featuring a single Pakistani fashion model, a specific shoot or an event, and there has been a lot of posts.
Not that this is going to stop, but there are so many events, shoots or snaps that are not in a quantity to be featured in a solo post, but are definitely worth the share.
So in order to accommodate such media, we are introducing the very first of many more to come issue of a series of posts, simply known as "Pakistani Models Hot Platter"; sort of like the series of Pakistani Models Ramp Walk Compilations.
Each post will have an alphabet representing an episode, this one being "A" as in the first one.
These posts may feature random but pretty hot snaps, videos or a combination.

So, here it goes:

Monday, May 11, 2015

Pakistani Models: Amna Ilyas (Layla Chatoor Summer Resort Collection 2015)

The beautiful Pakistani models Amna Ilyas appears in the one of the latest summer launch by Layla Chatoor, known as the Summer Resort Collection 2015. She looks hot and sexy as usual like an exotic summer breeze.
The video as said, features Pakistani Model Amna Ilyas as the main model, presenting the collection of Layla Chatoor, with hair and make up by Omayr Waqar and photographed by Shahbaz Shazi.


[Update: 06-Jun-2015] - More pictures added...