Monday, November 8, 2010

Pakistani Models: Laila
One of those fashion video shoot that features a model, who is actually an actress of the almost disintegrated lolly-wood (Pakistani) film industry.
Not that this is her first time modelling, she has been an on and off fashion model as she as been a film actress.
Laila is not that a popular actress like Meera, Reema, Resham, etc. and has always appeared as a side heroine or in a supporting role, with typical badly choreographed seductive Lolly-wood film songs.
This particular fashion shoot however, speaks a bit differently about her. She looks pretty attractive and close to sexy. Laila is not your typical skinny fashion model. Being a Lolly-wood actress, she is in the league of those "Healthy" Punjabi movies' girls. But in spite of that, she looks very attractive, and the exotic location like the beach, has given this shoot a lot of additional points.
The video aired on Snap-Shot program of Pakistani Fashion Channel Style 360, featuring Laila with Dresses and Makeup by Angie Marshall, photography by Shehbaz and direction by Jamal Khan.

Enjoy the video!


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hi there, its an old friend samiar, how u doing,,,

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she is beautiful.....