Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pakistani Models: Rabia Ahmed

Pakistani Model Rabia Ahmed is back yet again with another photo shoot. The girl who many and many claim looks like a man :D, is back with more style on Style 360.
As far as her being looking like a man, I will not comment on that :)...I still think that she resembles Cassidy Freeman (just a slight bit) or may be Veena Malik :), nonetheless she looks very good and stylish in this photo shoot, and she still is one of the pretty good fashion models in the Pakistani fashion scene. I would have her model any day rather than Begum Nawazish Ali :D!

Anyways, as stated that she is back...(3 times now :) )...does not necessarily mean that this is a brand new photo shoot. In fact this shoot is older than the last one I had posted. But I have seen it for the first time and I am sure that many of you would too.
The photo shoot, as usual, aired on Pakistani Fashion Channel Style 360 on "Snapshot".
The makeup was done by Hina, Photography by Mani, and the modeling by Rabia Ahmed of course, posing for a western line.


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