Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pakistani Models: Maria Wasti

The title of this post may seem a bit odd, stating Maria Wasti as a Pakistani model. Although she is one of the most talented and leading Pakistani actresses and may present a very intuitive sense of style and fashion most of the times, she has not been a significant part of the fashion modeling scene.
But this particular and one of the rare video photo shoot will make a strong point that she can be as good as any current Pakistani fashion models!
She poses here for a western line of designs by Sanam Agha (quite a hottie herself).
The shoot is photographed by Munna Mushtaq, a very famous and successful photographer and also the brother of Pakistani model Gia Ali.
This shoot aired on program Snapshot of channel Style 360.



Monday, May 17, 2010

Pakistani Models: Zara and Alina, The Dynamic Duo

Zara Shaikh a well know Pakistani actress and fashion model, (the girl that JAZZZ ;-)) and Alina, another famous Pakistani fashion model, join forces under the direction of Maliha Napul, a former Pakistani model, for this desi style photo shoot! (Now that was a long monologue :-p)
This shoot is for the eastern designer line by Salina Wardah. Makeup done wonderfully by Maggie's and the photography is by Fasial Karighar.