Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And the Winner IS Mehreen Syed

If there is some girl that has made her presence felt on the modeling and fashion scene then it is none other than Mehreen Syed, who after bagging the Face of the Year award is looking for more.

With tens of magazine covers under her cap and numerous catwalks and shots in her kitty she is already on a rise. What to add more than her recent Indian tour that has given her the chance that she was looking for. She has been offered two films by top Indian banners which she is thinking over signing.

In a recent talk with Nation Plus, Mehreen Syed told, 'My Indian tour was amazing, though I have been offered movies from top notch directors but I have not signed any contract uptill now. I am doing negotiations with them and am looking at a few factors before making any final move, she added, 'I have been looking forward in working in a movie and this is like a dream come true but I am acting sensibly and is not making a radical decision on my part.

Shashi Ranjav is a friend of mine and she has discussed the story and the film with me and I am doing negotiations with her over that these days. I will definitely work in a movie and that is for sure but if it is the movie that I want then I would definitely go for it'.

Besides her modeling career and recently bagged face of the year award, she is busy with her flying career as well as some acting assignments. The lass is working in National Airlines as well is busy with loads of modeling assignment and is working big time in the tube these days.

Working simultaneously in two professions is very difficult and that is why Mehreen says, 'At times it is difficult in managing both but my seniors have always supported me and helped me doing what I want. That is why I have not faced any problems uptill now in taking up two professions simultaneously'.

Interestingly enough, in contrast to other models, who aspires to land in tube or films, she has no such plans of joining any such field except modeling and not even the catwalks. She is focusing her major attention towards modeling and fashion and plans to continue it further.

She makes her point clear by saying that, 'I had no plans because I am not inclined to do acting. I feel quite odd acting in tube or films. Acting is actullay a make belief world and I don't think that I can act as I can't memorize the lines and speak. That is the very reason that I also don't do catwalks'.

The gal leads a very different life. She loves spending most of the spare time with her family. Though she was not much interested in watching TV before coming in showbiz. She tells that now she is more interested in watching the TVCs,

'I know that how much effort is been done on a TVC. You make a small world in itself. I never watched the TVC's and advertisements before I actually started appearing in them. But I think that making an advertisement is a tough job, every one puts up its effort'.

When asked about the role models, Amina again proves to be different than the rest of girls and says, 'I was not the kind of person who view the magazines and discusses the dresses with the friends, I only knew Amna Haq, Vinnie and Iraj before actually coming into it.

There were no role models for me naturally as I never aspired to be a model. It was just the decision of a life time' Was she camera shy? 'Yes, I was a little bit confused doing my first TVC.
The camera was so big and I was so confused how to do that. But gradually I learnt it.

Now, I know how much effort is been put up in a commercial. It was an awesome experience shotting the commercial. When I came back I told all my friends what happened there and how much exciting the whole experience was'.

She has worked with hosts of photographers including Khawer Riaz, Rehan Qureshi and Rizwan Beig and he terms Khawer the best. 'You don't mature if you work with one photographer only. It becomes boring for you. That is why I work with others too as every photographer has its own individuality'.

She is also hosting Rashid Khawaja's Fashion based magazine show 'Adda', that is going on air by the end of next month. 'the show reveals all the major aspects of fashion and is about models and fashion in general. I have loved been part of this show and it reveals the inside out of us'. She has signed a host of plays and is concentrating on them right now.

Mehreen Syed was much exited about her play Ik Kasak Baqi Hai Abhi that is been complete and is going on air on tube from next month. A Zommie Productions' play that is been directed by Azeem Sajjad while it has been penned by Dr. Dennis Izak.

'the play has been shot excellently and I am looking forward to get that on aired as I have really worked hard over that. It has a very strong story line and I have thoroughly enjoyed my lead character in the play'. Revealing her experience working in plays she told, 'I brenched out into acting merely because I wanted to see how I would fare there. I was bombarded with offers for the mini screen but I chose to do telefilms and a few interesting projects only'.

Within just a few months, she has already bagged three serials and two telefilms that she is going to shot in this month. She is absolutely thrilled with the response that she is getting and plans to stick to acting now. She is very much choosy about her work that is why she prefers signing limited projects at a time.

When inquired, she told, 'I just like to do selected work and that is why I don't sign up everything that comes my way.

That is the reason though I have worked very less I am noticed. I don't want to get overexposed; that is the basic reason behind not taking every single project that comes my way.

I love to work with Ather Shehzad and hesitate to work with other photographers as I don't find the quality work in their work as I find it in Ather Shehzad's work.

They have supported me all the way in my career and that is why I have been able to bag the face of the year award. I am thankful to them for the support that they have given me'.