Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Red Hot Models of Pakistan (Female)

neha ahmed naked back
Since last few years, the fashion scene in Pakistan has progressed a lot. There was a time that we could hardly see a proper model anywhere on a mag or on TV.

Veena Malik


Nirma with an exotic pose looks really hot.

The curvy Rabia Butt and the cute faced and hot bodied Sara Gilani are among the current leading models in Pakistan.

Laila not being a full time model gives us a peek at what she is capable of along with a fresh hot model Haya tries to bare it all with somewhat no hesitation.

The sultry Nisha Butt and Uzma adds to the variety of the fashion models in Pakistan.

Tooba is now one of the leading Pakistani fashion models and have been in this industry for quite a time now. Her attitude and exotic looks has always set her apart.

The term "Sexy Back" had never been so literal after seeing Nadia Ali a breeze of freshness in the fashion world. Fayez Ansari another famous name is well known for sultry beauty.

Cybil has been like forever in pakistani fashion scene but looks younger then some new models :). Sunita Marshal the "Preeto" girl is a hot shot of pakistani fashion world.

You can watch all of these pics in slide show featuring a few very HOT Pakistani models. The slide show named "The Hot Paki Models" is on youtube channel...Channel DTA.

Neha Ahmed

Watch Neha Ahmed Slideshow on Channel DTA

Usually there were full time actresses posing as models or some absolutely unknown faces along with faces which you would like to be remained unknown. Catwalk and Ramp Walks were a myth!


Watch Fauzia Photo Shoot on Channel DTA

Although the progress had started while ago, it was very slow! But due to the induction of so many channels and boost to fashion industry....(yes it now a proper industry)....the fashion scene has never been the same!

vaneeza vinny sexy vaneeza vinny sexy

Watch Vinny Slideshow on Channel DTA

We now have a wide range and large number of models, fashion designers and photographers now! Heck we even have 24x7 fashion channels now! FTV Pakistan worth mentioning!

Mehreen Raheel
mehreen raheel raheal mehreen raheel raheal
mehreen raheel raheal mehreen raheel raheal
Watch Mehreen Raheel Slideshow on Channel DTA

There was a time when Pakistani people tried to find beautiful faces in models...In today's world we now have a full range of models! I mean we are talking about Skinny Models, well figured models, pretty ones, and now we have the HOT ones as well!

Aminah Haq

Watch Aminah Haq Photoshoot on Channel DTA

Iman Ali

Watch Iman Ali Slideshow on Channel DTA


The purpose of this blog issue is to share with you people all the pics that are featured on that video....( Pretty generous of me...isn't it? :-) )

Natasha aka Natty


Mehreen Syed

Watch Mehreen Syed Slideshow on Channel DTA

Thats it! all the images in the slideshow are now here in this blog issue http://HotPakistaniModels.blogspot.com/
...hope you enjoy...and DO leave your comments and suggestions!